Bucket List

This is a list I wrote about 5 years ago. It was before graduation. Before my mission. Before a lot of things. It’s amazing how in 5 years, I have actually accomplished a few of these.

There are things that are reflective of becoming a high school English teacher, which was my plan 5 years ago, that are still on here, and I don’t think I’ll take off. You never know what life will bring, and who knows, maybe those teenagers will be my own children.

I love how many of the things on this list are still things that I am working on. Although there are new goals like graduate school and starting my own company someday, in many ways I am the same person working on the same things. Others might find this a little depressing, but I don’t. I get to see all of the growth and progress as I’ve worked toward these goals.

So this is just a friendly invitation to look at some of the goals you made years ago and recognize the progress you have made and changes in your course that have been a good thing. It might even give you ideas about working toward things that you’d forgotten you wanted to do.

  1. Make new friendships
  2. Strengthen my existing friendships
  3. Learn how to remember names
  4. Speak a second language
  5. Live in Poland for 18 months
  6. Love and serve and work
  7. Be the disciple I promised I would be
  8. See my family more
  9. Go to Europe
  10. Go to Asia
  11. Go to South America
  12. Go to Africa
  13. Go to Australia
  14.  Fall in love
  15. Grow my hair long
  16. Go to as many roommate weddings as possible
  18. Buy a car
  19. Pay off all my student loans
  20. Save money
  21. Buy a car
  22. Start a retirement fund
  23. Food storage!
  24. Genealogy…
  25. Have my own classroom
  26. Get teenagers to like Shakespeare, Milton, and Donne
  27. Convince the school board that postmodernism is okay for high school
  28. Spend time in a third world country doing humanitarian aid work
  29. Go to Denmark to meet my family there
  30. Get married
  31. Have kids
  32. Buy a house
  33. Plant a garden
  34. Read lots of bedtime stories
  35. Experiment with strange colors of paint
  36. Try every configuration of furniture possible
  37. Develop my own systems
  38. Own my own washer and dryer
  39. Read books for fun again
  40. Be well read
  41. Not loose track of time, enjoy the present
  42. Live in London (or close to London) again someday
  43. Eat more curry
  44. Make tortillas from scratch
  45. Be a Scriptorian
  46. Cook rice without burning it
  47. Run a half marathon
  48. Do more yoga
  49. Write something beautiful
  50. Sing everyday
  51. Be more courageous
  52. Make a difference
  53. Live in D.C. 
  54. Get a real job
  55. Finish my honors thesis
  56. Dabble in photography

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