Beach Appeal

I have to admit, I haven’t really seen the appeal of beaches for most of my life. I’m a swimmer who loves being in the water, but going to lakes or the ocean wasn’t really a regular occurrence for my family. The few times I did go, we always spent more time doing other things than actually swimming and sitting on the beach.

But this summer, we decided that we wanted to spend our last full day in Greece on one of the islands, and we took a ferry out to Poros. It’s not a large island. Mostly it’s time-shares and beaches with several restaurants and souvenir shops near the port. But it was perfect. I swam around and lay in the sun all day. Heaven!

I swam out about 20 feet from the beach as soon as we arrived and looked at the bay that surrounded the beach and the sailboats that had anchored themselves there and could barely comprehend that I was actually there seeing this with my own eyes and not just looking at a photograph someone else had taken. This was real!

My only regret is that I didn’t devote more time to being on the islands. Taking the ferry back to Athens that afternoon was so bittersweet. I wasn’t ready to leave, and could have used a few more days of sun and water.


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