Impressions of Athens

Athens wasn’t exactly what I was expecting it to be. You see pictures of the Greek islands and they’re all picturesque white buildings and tile roofs and you can always see the crystal clear ocean. What I realized was that Greece is about as close as you can get to paradise, but that perfect picture that I was expecting doesn’t really exist in the big city. It’s loud and dirty and there are tons of people.

Does that mean that I don’t think you should go to Athens. On the contrary. It’s a fun city with amazing history. And there’s something wonderful about history and real life coexisting.

The Acropolis took my breath away. It was amazing to know that I was standing in ancient theaters and temples that were used thousands of years ago. And the view of the sprawling city and sea was stunning. I loved the Olympic Stadium and the museums and eating fresh food on the warf.

Go to Greece, and don’t miss Athens. But if you want Pinterest picture of quaint streets, you’ll probably also want to go to some of the islands.


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