Doing Hard Things

Back in March, a friend and I were chatting and mentioned how sad it was that we don’t hike very often. Both of us enjoy hiking, and both of us live close to the mountains, but we’ve just let school and work get in the way. Somewhere in the conversation we both got super ambitious and decided to go hiking every week this summer. That Saturday, we got up and did a nice, easy hike. It’s amazing how easy it was now that I’m looking back. I don’t think it was longer than a mile; it was only steep for a short bit at the beginning; and yet somehow I still needed to take a bunch of breaks. 20150328_095327 20150328_095424

But despite how out of shape I was/am, it felt good to get out of the house and be active. It felt great to feel the sun on my face and get away from the city.

It’s been 12 weeks and we’re still going strong. Yesterday we hiked the first part of Butler Fork. The trail was steeper and longer than the one we did our first week, but we’d learned pacing and gotten a lot stronger in our 12 weeks of hiking. A hike that might have killed me at the beginning of the year, was completely doable.

Field on the Butler Fork trail.

There are so many things that we all want to accomplish in life, but if you’re like me, then sometimes you hesitate to invest the time, energy, and emotional vulnerability that it takes to change or try something new. If this experience is any indication, it’s so worth it. Finding a buddy helps, and starting small is important, but ultimately we all just have to commit, as scary as that is.

So here’s to change, and doing hard things!


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