This is what feminism looks like


Photo credit: Taken by our lovely waitress

For my birthday, I invited some of my friends to brunch at a delicious European bakery downtown. Feel free to read into this, but even though I did invite a handful of men, the vast majority of those who were in attendance were women, as you can see in the photo that our waitress snapped.

As I quickly cropped the photo and posted it to Instagram, I off-handedly typed #thisiswhatfeminismlookslike. It wasn’t until after the party as I looked at the picture and the amazing women in it that I thought about the truth in that statement.

I am a feminist. I believe in the fundamental equality of men and women. Not to say that men and women are the same, but that they should have equal opportunities for growth and independance in all aspects of their lives.

The term has some negative cultural connotations, and so I was hesitant to acknowledge these feelings and share them openly for part of my life. But yesterday, I realized that my becoming a feminist was inevitable. Because my entire life has been a continual interaction with strong, talented women starting with my mother and grandmothers. And when you see how much these women have to contribute to the world, you want to eliminate any, and all barriers to them doing just that.

Among the group yesterday we had a medical student, several nurses, a 2nd grade teacher, professional writers, a food scientist, a video editor, a future business owner, a future lawyer, and a future literature Ph.D. I am so grateful to live in a world where men and women have the luxury of pursuing their passions and supporting themselves financially.

Not only do these women succeed in their careers and academic pursuits, but they a good, kind, compassionate human beings. I have seen all of them serve with a profound amount of selflessness. I know that they will be amazing mothers, and I hope to learn a lot from the marriages they build with equally fantastic men. Their communities and families will be better places because of them.

This truly is what feminism looks like to me.


One thought on “This is what feminism looks like

  1. What a refreshing post! I can feel your positivity in your writing. With all the societal issues regarding gender inequality in our society, I am finding it increasingly hard to keep an optimistic attitude. Care to drop by my blog?(:


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