It’s been a while


From: here

I wish I had big news about the gap in my blogging, but mostly I’ve just been living life. There have been really wonderful times, and hard times, and busy times. Isn’t that the thing about life. It just goes and goes and is constantly changing.

I wish I had answers to a lot of questions that have been going on in my mind, but all I can really focus on is how I was driving home yesterday afternoon from some really wonderful experiences volunteering, and the tips of the mountains were snow capped, and the music on my radio was quiet and soothing, and I just felt blessed. Even though there is a lot in my life that I’m trying to do better, and just can’t seem to figure out. And even though I’m not sure what the future is going to hold and that stresses me out a lot. I am so blessed. And God does a good job of making sure I remember it.

With that thought, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and can hold on to the small wonderful moments. Because they make the rest of it worth it.


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