Made to Stick: A Book Review


I told you I would give you a variety of book reviews. Made to Stick is about communicating in ways that stick in people’s minds. Obviously advertising is one of the main fields this applies to, but also management and education, among others.

Let me tell you how this book got inside my head… I made a new acquaintance while reading Made to Stick. He’s interesting and passionate, and a philosopher. I loved having deep, intellectual conversations with him, but often his references and ideas were so esoteric that I could hardly keep up, despite my critical humanities background. Without even consciously thinking about it, every time we had a conversation I would talk to him about this book and try to help him see the importance of not just having good, interesting ideas, but also being able to help people without degrees in philosophy understand them as well. Literally, I think he assumed I was obsessed with this book.

But what I love about it is that clear communication is pretty effectively boiled down to six principles of sticky ideas. Some of them seem fairly obvious, but then they show scenarios of how to apply the principles. These were most helpful for me. Sometimes we feel like we are successfully implementing something until we see it actually working, and then we realize how much farther we have to go. I actually finished this book a few months ago, but I find myself going back to the knowledge at work and in my personal interactions.

If your life includes trying to influence people (and whose doesn’t, to some extent?), then I would wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Happy reading!


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