Grace and Humanity


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Yesterday I got to speak with a woman who reminded me of how amazing humanity is.

To the people around her, she probably seems like a normal woman. She has several children and teaches school. She told me about finding the LDS Church at a time in her life when she was questioning religion and how it has become such a strength to her. She talked about struggling to make ends meet. She talked about disappointments and worries.

But she didn’t complain. Her trials were matter-of-fact–this happened and we dealt with it. And along with her matter-of-fact description of her struggles, was a matter-of-fact description of her blessings and her 100% positivity that they are from God. That He was leading her and guiding her to where she is today. And even though things haven’t turned out the way she’d planned, she’s had to go back to work and put her children in daycare after being a stay at home mom for ten years, she told me of the little assurances from God that this is the right choice. How even getting the job she has now was nothing short of a miracle.

And the whole time she was talking, I just kept thinking, you are amazing! I would be falling apart under the pressure of your life and you seem to just find more people to love and serve.

The heartbreaking part of the conversation was that I don’t think she could see how amazing she is. She didn’t feel like she was succeeding, and I think that is the biggest tragedy of this life. That there are so many amazing people around us who love and serve and work hard, and they don’t even realize the contribution they are making to the world. So I guess my take away was that I need to open my eyes and recognize the people that are succeeding in life. Not succeeding because of a big paycheck or a perfect looking house, but because they sacrifice for their family, and they care about the people they interact with, and they give more than they take from this world. And then, I have to tell them how much of an inspiration they are to me. Because, I realized yesterday, that so many of them have no idea. And as much as God’s grace is a part of their lives and their success, sometimes we’re God’s grace in someone’s life as we help them understand their worth.


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