Seeing London Through New Eyes


It’s been almost five years since I last walked the streets of London. Coming here was such a defining experience in my life. It changed me and educated me and helped me fall in love with the world. Having spent almost my entire 18 years in the Western US, it was a vision of history and culture and beauty. Everything was green and lovely and I never wanted to leave.

The last five years have held a lot more learning experiences for me. And I’ve been really blessed to grow in important ways. But sadly, it’s changed the streets of London for me. You see, I’ve seen other beautiful and historical streets in other countries. I’ve also recognized that I can live a meaningful life walking down streets that are ugly or generic, if need be. As wonderful as it is to live in beautiful places, a place is only what you make of it.

London will always be an important place for me, but never quite as much as it was for my 19 year old self.


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