Life is Beautiful

There are so many times when life feels insanely stressful, or unsatisfying and structureless. I’ve been in both places very recently, but for the last week I have been so happy with my life, and I want to celebrate that. A friend of mine said that whenever change is imminent you start to look at your day-to-day with anticipatory nostalgia. You realize that it won’t last, so you revel in the good times. Maybe that’s all this is, but honestly, I don’t care. I feel strangely calm with my lack of set plans as I wait to hear back from several jobs. I am not worried that I don’t currently have a place to stay after next month. I just know that everything is going to work out. Allowing myself to feel anything but happy about my amazing roommates, and my great students, and my hammock hanging up in the front yard isn’t actually going to help anything. Me getting up, enjoying my wonderful life, and working towards my future is just so much better.


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