Self Discovery


As much as new experiences can be awkward and intimidating, it’s important to switch things up regularly. You just learn so much about yourself.

Having a hotel room all my own has been the first time I’ve had a space completely to myself, maybe ever. I’ve had my own room, but never lived by myself. I know that is something that a lot of people look forward to. They can’t wait to have enough money to not need a roommate. That never appealed to me though. I’m too social.

It was a good opportunity to explore that possibility and see what it would be like. What I learned is that I would meticulous if I lived alone. Much like the picture above, but everywhere in my apartment. Everything would have a place and I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone disturbing my systems.

There are a lot of nice things about living alone. Like not worrying about turning out the light until you’re ready and knowing how much food you have in the refrigerator.  I could do it if I wanted to, but I still don’t think I do. I am a better person when I’m thinking of others frequently and a happier one too. So I don’t think it’ll stick, but it’s been a good moment of self-discovery.


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