From Prague to Vienna

I realize that I didn’t get a chance to write about my adventures in Prague and Vienna, so here you go.


Prague was breathtaking. I swear, everywhere you look in that city is a picture worth taking. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by beauty and history and imagine the stories that have taken place there.

My favorite memory of Prague is having to climb the hill up to the castle three times. Actually climbing the darn hill isn’t what I’m fond of, but just the fact that we did it. The morning we planned to see the castle we went straight there. However, after talking with the ticket woman, they didn’t sell the Prague card that would get us into the castle and most of the other things we wanted to see for a smaller price. So we walked back to Old Town to buy that and then back to the Palace to actually see it.

What we didn’t realize is that by the time we went through the Palace it would be 4 o’clock and we would have missed lunch. Although there were a few art museums we wanted to go to, we had to climb back down the hill to eat.

Most tourists would have given up their desire to see the art museums when there are so many other places to visit that don’t involve a hill of death, but not us. The next afternoon we were up the hill a third time. Traveling is full of surprises, but we conquered that one!


If Prague was beautiful city views, Vienna was packed with art and music. We spent our days running around the Belvedere and the Albertina, exploring the palace, and finishing the night with amazing classical music. We stood in line for an hour to get 4 Euro Opera tickets. Of course, that also meant we had to stand for 3 more hours throughout the Opera. The Soprano in Romeo and Juliet was amazing! She made her part sounds easy as she hit every note in her descending lines. It was worth every minute I had to stand just to hear her. It was exactly how the Opera should be.

Vienna was never on my must visit list, but I loved it beyond words. It’s one of my favorite places I’ve visited. It was full of energy, and concerts, and street vendors, and amazing museums. More than most places, I could see myself in Vienna.

That’s a quick summary of my Prague and Vienna trip. Let me know if you want any other details in the comments.


One thought on “From Prague to Vienna

  1. So glad you climbed that hill! I remember that parts of Prauge just spiralled higher and higher, with amazing views and inlets of activity hidden at the top. I got your postcard as well, and loved it!

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