Found: Adorable Kitten

I discovered one of my weaknesses yesterday. I love animals. I was walking home from work when I encountered a kitten sitting in the middle of the crosswalk. Of course I didn’t want any cars to run it over so I gently picked it up and took it to the other side of the road. I put it down and attempted to walk away. It followed me. I picked it back up and walked it over to campus again, thinking it was one of the feral cats that live there. I put it back down. It followed me.

At this point. I completely gave in. It was way too clean and content to be held to be feral and there weren’t any homes in the area likely to have a cat. So I took it home. I couldn’t just abandon it to find its home alone. I am a sucker. Living at school I had forgotten how much of an animal person I am. I’m not really a cat lady type. No cat calendars for me. But when there’s a cat or dog in my home, I love having them around. So yeah, I saved a cat yesterday. I fed it tuna and it hung out with me as I did homework in our hammock, and I put up signs to find its owner. I am a contributing member of society!


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