Thank you Peter from writing class

We had just finished editing each other’s resumes and cover letters and were discussing the daunting subject of post-graduation plans. It was at the end of our short discussion at the top of the JFSB stairs that I happened to state my dilemma, a dilemma I’ve been struggling with for the past six months and hadn’t been able to articulate. My problem is that I have too many interests. I would be happy going into academia. I would be happy going into law. I would be happy going into business. I would be happy working with a non-profit. And I would be happy teaching high school.

This dilemma has been troubling and frustrating and stifling me all summer, but upon hearing it Peter simply stated, “Well isn’t that a great problem to have. If you know you’ll be happy in all of those fields, then you know whatever decision you make you’ll be happy.” Wow, it was really that easy the entire time. Granted, I still haven’t made a decision. But now I realize that I should chill out because whatever happens it’s going to be alright and I’ll be happy. So thank you Peter from writing class, I really needed that reality check.


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