First day of school

It’s one of my last first days of school. Such a strange feeling. I’ve only been a student for almost 80% of my life, you know? When you take into account that I don’t remember very much from the other 20%, which all occurs before the age of 5, that becomes even more significant.The first day of school was always such an exciting and nervous day. It was fun to see all of my friends and meet the new teachers. There was a lot of thought and often some shopping put into the first day outfit. And somehow everything felt fresh, probably nothing to do with the crispening autumn air. Definitely not in Vegas, where that crisp autumn air was only a figment of your imagination supplied by plenty of teen high school movies.

Maybe I’ve just done this too often, maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve stayed here all summer, but this year I don’t really have the same excitement. I’m just tired. However, I think this semester is going to be good for me. I think I need more direction and incentive to complete my goals. I think having the variety of a lot of different classes will be better than just working with the same people all day every day. And I think I’ll be happy, because school usually makes me happy.

I think the reason first days are so exciting, iconic, important… to us is that they are new beginnings, and as humans we love new beginnings. For instance, today I put on my ring. A ring I haven’t worn all summer for a random and insignificant reason. But today when I saw it, I put it back on. Why? I don’t know. Somehow I’m prepared to switch up my life today in ways that I wasn’t yesterday. And I guess for that reason alone, the first day of class is a good thing. It’s a day to make us braver and more adventurous and bolder and anything else we’ve wanted to be. So even though this is one of my last firsts when it comes to the school year. I hope I find more new beginnings, because I think as humans we need them to grow and progress and BECOME.


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