Opera Week

This is opera week for me. I started yesterday and I’m already at 7 hours of opera. You’re probably wondering why it’s opera week. Well, that’s a good question. You see, I procrastinate, and that’s bad. And I didn’t realize how many practice hours I DON’T have for my private lessons. And it’s graded and I don’t want to get my lowest college grade on a half credit music class. So I’m trying to make it all up at the last minute. I can get the hours from actually practicing, going to performances, and listening to opera. So I’m singing all the time. Me and the HFAC have never been better friends. Andwhen I’m at work I’m allowed to listen to music, so I just listen to opera ALL DAY LONG. My co-workers think it’s  funny because I’m always humming the songs I’m listening to. So when you’re feeling down just think of me humming Carmen under her breath in a library basement surrounded by old stuff,with a coat on, because it’s really cold down there. It seems like a funny image to me, maybe it’ll brighten your day.


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