The same

Tomorrow will be one month home from my mission. I’m still getting over walking through the streets of Poland with a name tag that said Siostra Allen and preaching the gospel. Like all return missionaries, I miss it like crazy. But what I’ve been realizing lately is that very little has fundamentally changed. Sure I can wear jeans, sleep passed 6:30 and go on dates. But the person I was on my mission and my goals and dreams are still just as important to me. I still want to be worthy of the title disciple of Jesus Christ. I still want people who see me on the street to notice something different. And I still want to take every opportunity given me to serve others and testify of my Savior. Being home from a mission does not mean I have to give up the most important parts of being a missionary. I just get to be a little more creative on how to accomplish it. So my name is Tracy Nicole Allen. I am a BYU student who loves to read. I’m studying to be an English teacher and share that passion with others. I sing all the time and love talking to my brother on the phone. I try and eat as much Mexican food as possible and love the Utah mountains. And although I don’t wear a name tag anymore, I am still a disciple of Jesus Christ.


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