Tracy is Coming Home!

Dear Family,
I don’t think that it’s set in yet that I’m going home… this week. That this is my last e-mail to you all as a missionary. So strange. I just feel normal because this is exactly what I’ve done every P-day for the last year and a half, like clockwork. I’m having a hard time understanding that it’s going to end. But end it will. My closet is looking very bare as I pack things up.

I did receive my Christmas package. Thank you sooooo much. I love the makeup and everything fits nicely in that little bag. I’ll probably send a couple books home so that I can buy some Polish pottery on my last day in Warsaw. I’m taking the train into Warsaw on Thursday and heard that Sister Bailey and I are going to meet with Anna. A woman I taught last year and then got transfered a couple weeks before her baptism, Sister Bailey came in and finished preparing her for baptism and so we both have a special place in our heart for her and I’m super excited to see her before I leave.

We’ve mostly been working with three investigators this transfer:
Emilia who moved to Canada today actually, so we won’t meet with her this week, but I have her contact information and we’re going to stay in touch.
Teresa her granddaughter went into the hospital today so we’re going to go by there this evening and see if we can lend some comfort and joy
Magda who lost her phone and so we haven’t had contact with her since before Christmas. She lives 30 minutes outside of Lodz and so we tried to visit her last week, but she wasn’t home when we dropped by. I’m super sad that I might not get to see her again, but I will definitely send her some letters.
Teresa and Magda have been investigating for a while, so this isn’t strange for them to have missionaries change. Plus they saw Elder Smith go home a few weeks ago.
Besides investigators we’re going to meet with a few members this week: We’re helping Sureeat, a Thai member, prepare to go to the temple and Ania. Besides that, we’re going to contact and trakt like normal. So it’ll be a normal week sort of.

I am so excited for Scott. Based on his clues, there are only 4 missions I can think of: Mongolia, Russia, Alaska, and Canada. He will do great whereever the Lord sends him.

I love you all so much. I want you to know that I have a testimony of this church. I love it and I love representing my Savior everyday. I know that as we come closer to God we are happier and that the Book of Mormon is one of the most powerful ways of doing that. I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces at 11:30 at night. Have a great week. See you Friday.

Siostra Allen

WARNING: Weird things I will probably do
Give Polish hug, kiss on the cheek greetings
Try and feed guests the minute they walk in the door
Comment on how people should dress warmer and fix peoples scarves so they cover their whole neck.
Speak Polish at strange times and expect everyone to understand what I’m saying
Be overly honest. Ex: How do you feel? American response: Great! Polish response: I’m tired and my back hurts
Feel like I have to plan out my day the night before and use a planner
Follow you around because I can’t be alone


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