Sounds like you all had a good Thanksgiving weekend. We did what we could to celebrate the holiday here. Sister Tarasewicz made a huge delicious Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and invited a ton of people. It was really fun, but I was sitting in between two Polish people and spoke Polish almost the whole time, so it felt kind of surreal to be doing something so American but in Polish. That wasn’t really a bad thing, I love all the people in our branch and it didn’t take away from the taste. In fact stuffing and pumpkin pie aren’t very common here and not very many of the Poles were crazy about it, meaning I had double of my favorite Thanksgiving specialties.

Katie Roundy e-mailed you. I knew her before my mission. Please give her my info. I’d love to get in contact with her. She was one of the last sisters in Lodz several years ago before they reopened it last year. I’d love to hear what she has to say and tell her how the branch is doing. She is allowed to e-mail me directly.

I did get the package. First off thanks for the cookie ingredients. We’ll have to send you pictures of us making the cookies. And I’ve already read 1/4 of the conference ensign. Every day as I read it I have my testimony strengthened that we have living prophets and apostles. I just want to share their counsel with everyone because it’s so pertinent.

The works going slow, but we’re doing well and working hard and that’s the most important thing. I love you all and can’t believe it’s December this week. Probably because it hasn’t snowed yet?!? Weird I know. But we’re not complaining. It’s actually a beautiful day today for the end of November. It’s sunny! Hope you have a great week too. Love you lots.

Sister Allen

P.S. The picture is Sister Stay and I with Maria the RS President here.


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