Sorry we’re a day late this week. President and Sister Nielson were in town yesterday because they wanted to be at district meeting and so we had P-day together.  I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures from Zone Conference. It was really strange to go back to Warsaw after 7 months. Warsaw has changed so much since I’ve been there last. They’ve done renovations on the train station and it looks really nice, which is why I was so thrown off. It was pretty dirty and run down before, but now it’s very modern. The conference itself was really nice. I got to see old friends and companions and hear counsel from our leaders.  It was really enjoyable.

I’m so excited that Scotts turning in his papers. You have to tell me when he get’s his call. I’m so proud of him.

That’s weird that I got a scholarship. I don’t remember applying for one. Do you know how I received it? Either way, I’m happy that it takes a little off your load. Thanks for taking care of that for me. Thanks for the voice lessons too. That is really good thinking. I’ll enjoy a little bit of singing. I’m not sure about an audition tape. She might make an exception for me, but to be honest it would be a big stress to make the tape and send it and I’ve lost a lot of technique from not singing for a year and a half. So I’m not even sure if I would make it. I don’t mind not doing Women’s Chorus this year, I’ll do it next year. I thought a lot about minors this week and even had the senior couple print out some information so I could make an informed decision. It sounds like the TESOL minor would be the overall best for what I’m going into. There are two that are very similar, but one is through the Education department and that’s the one I want. So as you’re fiddling with schedules, feel free to add a class of two from that.

As far as fingerprints. I haven’t gotten your package in the mail yet. I don’t know why. Hopefully they come this week so I can get them done. However, I called the Embassy and they said that they don’t do fingerprinting anymore. Do you know if it’s okay to have a private company do my fingerprints? I left a message with someone for the FBI in Poland to see if there was anything through their department, but it would be easiest if I could find a private company here in Lodz.

Missions are a lot like life, there are really good weeks and ones that are harder. This was a little bit of a harder week for me. Trying to stay focused, teaching my companion the ropes of a new city, trying to find new investigators. But we actually had a lot of really good things happen this week with some of the people we’ve been working with. So I’m keeping in harmony with the season of Thanksgiving and focusing on those. I love the holidays. Sister Taresewicz is getting things together for a Thanksgiving dinner and we went to Tesco and bought a Christmas tree and lights this week.

Here’s my grateful list this year:

I’m grateful to have a testimony of the gospel
I’m grateful I can read- this also means I can read the word of God every day
I’m grateful that my family is supportive of me on a mission.
I’m grateful to be serving in a very supportive and loving branch
I’m grateful to have a companion that is experienced as a missionary and can help in the companionship
I’m grateful for prayer and the fact that I don’t have to do everything alone. That my Father in Heaven will help me, especially in missionary work.
I’m grateful to have inspired leaders who are working hard to bless us
I’m grateful to be healthy (I’ve learned firsthand recently how much of a blessing that is)
I’m grateful to have investigators
I’m grateful that I speak Polish and can share my testimony with others
I’m grateful that I’m learning how to teach with the Spirit
I’m grateful that I love the people that we are teaching
I’m grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and that I can hope for eternal life.
I’m grateful to have a relationship with my Father in Heaven to know he lives and love me.
Love you all lots. Have a great Thanksgiving.
-Siostra Allen

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