November 2011

Hey Mom,

You wrote happy Veteran’s Day. That’s a biggish day here in Poland too as we celebrate the end of WWI. It is actually Poland’s Independance Day. It’s when Poland was made into a country again. But they don’t really celebrate it very much, at least not like the other holidays they have.

It’s been a crazy busy week. Last Monday we took our culture night and saw the Russian National Ballet. It was stunning. Seriously, unbelievable. The same woman played the Swan Princess and the Black Swan. It was a really impressive display of stamina on her part as well as nuance as she completely changed characters. To be honest I didn’t even realize it was the same person until they came out for a bow and only she came out.

My new companion is Sister Ellis. She’s from Seattle and works as a photographer and graphic designer. She loves indie music and films and is really fun. I think it’s going to be a great transfer. The branch in Lodz is so friendly. All the new missionaries here bore a short testimony at the end of sacrament meeting and all the members were happy to meet them. I guess we speak in sacrament meeting a lot. Once every 2-4 months or so. Actually, my little choir had it’s first musical number on Sunday and it went quite well. Now we’re working on a Christmas program. I love Polish Christmas carols.

We had a lovely meeting with the family we’ve been teaching about studying the scriptures as a family, a difficult lesson with a less active we’ve been working with, a fun lesson with the Thai member we’re helping prepare for the temple, a great first meeting with a really cool mom and her daughter, and a smaczna lesson with a Mongolian member. Besides that we’ve been meeting some really cool people. I hope we can meet with them soon.

Funny Story:
Sister Taresavicz, the senior sister here in Lodz, and I took Sister Stay to the train station and were helping her get her bags on. Normally you can help someone and then there’s a whistle that tells you to get off the train because it’s about to start moving. Well, the whistle never sounded and so Sister Taresavicz and I took a little trip out to a town 30 minutes away from Lodz and had to take a taxi back. Oh well, we just weren’t ready to say goodbye to Sister Stay I guess.

Thanks for the great reference in Proverbs. I’ll have to look at it during study tomorrow.
And thanks for telling me about Sara Anderson. That is so exciting and she’s going to do GREAT!
I’ll have to write to her.
Tell Josh I’ll pray that he does well during his try-out. I know it’ll be good.
I’m so glad Megan is game to live together again. That is exciting. When you talk to or e-mail her next, I’d love her home address so I can send a card or something.
That’s a bummer about the fingerprints because I’m already going to Warsaw on Wednesday for Zone Conference and it would be really convenient to do them while I’m there. But we’ll make whatever we need to happen.

So I’ve been thinking about what to do with my schedule and such and got to talk to Sister Taresavicz as I was waiting all morning on Thursday for Sister Ellis to come in. Sister T. worked in education her whole career and so I asked her about what would be best for me to do as I prepare to enter the field. Several other people in education in addition to her have told me that I should diversifty and add a teaching minor that will certify me to teach in a difference subject as well as English. If I do that, I’m much more likely to get hired because the school can use me to fill more than one need. I’m not really interested in Math or Science even though those would be the most marketable, I just don’t think I’d be that interested in studying or teaching it. But I’ve thought a little bit about Social Science, Geography, or English as a Second Language. I’m not sure. Don’t worry too much about my schedule this week as I think about it and then when I decide it’ll probably be pretty easy to get me into a class associated with the minor to fill up my schdule.

Thanks for all your good wishes. Time is FLYING here in Poland. I hope that stays the case, I try to just focus on the task I’m doing and not think too much about January. There’s still work to be done here and I don’t want to miss it. I love you and pray for you all. Have a great week.

Siostra Allen


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