All the men in the picture behind us have mustaches.

October is chilly but beautiful here in Poland

Painting one of the members homes.

A park  in  Lodz, Poland that we walk in

Dinner with friends and missionaries

Alex (a new member from Warsaw who came to visit)

We dressed up for a family home evening play for the kids.  I am an elf.

No Halloween in Poland,  they celebrate the Day of the Dead with lighted candles in cemeteries

More candles!!

Open House

Setting up for Open House

Tracting in Lodz.

Here I am opening the chocolate chip cookies you sent!

So on Thursday a new transfer starts (I’ve forbidden the words “last transfer” because I am very much in denial of ever having to leave) and sadly I’m loosing Sister Stay. I love her to death and have had such a great experience working with her. I know she’s going to do so great in Wroclaw. My new companion is named Sister Ellis from Seattle, so I’m sure I’ll have a lot to tell you about her next week. I’m super excited.

It’s been a big week. The district wanted to have a chapel open house and this was the only weekend that really worked for the next couple of months. And Sister Stay and I ended up doing a lot of the preparation for it including writing presentations in Polish on topics such as the sacrament and the Book of Mormon and priesthood organization. Luckily that’s the strong point of our language abilities, but we were really grateful for a lot of divine help on the project. Overall it went really well. One of the elders contacts invited a huge group. A family we are teaching came! and then a couple of other referrals. We called it a success, because there were a lot of investigators who came, but mostly because the members who gave the presentations had such a positive experience. It was so cool to hear the members teaching the gospel and having the Spirit testify again to them that this is true. Hopefully they’ll do it again in a few months and the members will remember that it was a very classy event and want to invite their friends. That’s what we’re hoping.

As far as airports, I was thinking SLC for a while just for convenience, but I think ultimately I want to come home for at least a night. So Las Vegas is the final answer. Then I can get released by my stake president in person, make sure I have all of my stuff from Las Vegas etc. And I would love to speak in sacrament meeting at some point. If not the weekend I get home, I’ll come down for a weekend.

I’ll go to Warsaw and get the fingerprints done as soon as I receive the card from Utah State Board of Educators.

You asked about Christmas presents. I know how expensive it is to send a lot oversees but I would like something small to open up. I was thinking some cookies, stationary, and makeup. Things that will be useful on and off the mission and aren’t too big to pack up in my suitcase to bring home. Right now I have money, and I’ll try to make do. But I am going to start buying souvenirs soon and probably some sweaters and scarves and maybe a coat. So if I do need more I’ll let you know.

I’ll print out this e-mail and think about classes and then write you a letter so you’ll get it soon. I’m not sure what to do about all of those conflicts, but we’ll work it out. I do know that you can drop Women’s Chorus because I’m going to miss the audition for it on the 3rd. Hopefully I can do it again next year, but not this semester.

Well that was a lot of business, but hopefully it cleared up some questions.
Love love love you,
Sister Allen


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