End of October 2011

That is so cool that you finished the Book of Mormon. It seems that everyone is finishing it right about now. You, President Nielson just finished it again. I’m part way through Mormon and Sister Stay is in 3 Nephi, so we’re not too far behind. It truely is a remarkable book, not just an interesting history of ancient America, but direction from God. I love that you said that as you read you receive answers to prayers. So often it is as we are obedient to other commandments that we have been given that he blesses us with the needed wisdom and insight we desire.

I promise I am taking some pictures, but for some reason the last two times I tried to upload them onto a computer there were some technical difficulties. But I’ll have plenty of pictures to show you when I get home.

This week has been crazy. We have worked so hard. I feel like this transfer has been a lot of fine tuning of missionary skills. How to listen to the Spirit, how to teach simply and clearly, how to plan effectively, not to mention language. And as a result we’ve seen many blessings from that trainting this week. I can’t even go into all of the specifics, but a general list is: we’ve had some really powerful contacts, through spirit filled planning caught some less active members at home and were invited back, taught some lessons that were exactly what investigators needed, and Alex from Warsaw came up and visited Sister Stay and me for the weekend (she’s putting in her mission papers next month!!!). Sister Stay and I have gotten along super well and I think we needed to learn some really similar lessons. It’s been great to go through the journey of discovery of how to be a better missionary together with someone who just loves this work as much as I do.

Commentary: As a missionary, even though you get 8 hours of sleep, you are exhausted non-stop. Probably because you never stop working. You’re either preping for the day, studying and preparing for lessons, on your way to appointments at the same time as trying to talk with people around you on busses and tell them a little about why you’re in Poland and see if they’d want to learn more, and then the main work: teaching and finding. It isn’t uncommon to work through meal times, especially with projects like the Open House coming up. And then when you finally get home at 9 you have to focus and plan the next day. Lately, Sister Stay and I have been extra tired. As soon as we plan we go to sleep. And then when we wake up, we’re already tired. For the last week, as soon as we wake up the first thing we say is: “When is daylight savings time?” We literally started praying that it would come soon so we could have a blessed extra hour of sleep. Well, surprise! We found out on Saturday night that it was daylight savings time in Poland, and we well rested for church the next day.

I feel really really blessed to be serving the Lord right now. The area I’m serving in is literally exploding. We are learning to teach more consise and direct messages and it’s helping us teach more and find those who are interested in finding out if what we are saying is true. We’re also organizing an open house for our chapel. By chapel I mean a rented part of a building that we use to meet as a branch. There is only the one real chapel in Poland and I’ve never served in that branch. I think it’ll be weird to go back to real church buildings. Anyway, there will be a tour and Q&A and multimedia station. I don’t think it’ll quite be like Temple Square, but we’re going for a similar effect. So, pray that everything will go smoothly and that people with come. And pray for our investigators especially Monika, Gosia, and Magda. They are so great and I love them and love teaching them because I can feel how much God loves them.

Love ya,
Thanks for all you do.

Siostra Allen


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