Funny story:
A week ago we were tracting a building and Sister Stay went to open the door she thought it led into a stairwell. Apparently she’s just too strong because she broke the door hand knob off. Turns out it was just an apartment at ground level and they no longer had a door handle. We felt so bad. Of course it was our fault and so, we knocked on the door to see if we could come back the next day and buy them a new handle, but the man just yelled at us and wouldn’t let us buy a new one, come back, or even leave our contact information in case he changed his mind. So we found the actual door to the stairwell and tracted the building. But when we finished and came outside, the handle that Sister Stay had snapped in half was in one piece. Confusing.

As far as my life goes, we’ve been fighting a lot of apathy lately. As we talk to people we ask them: 1. what direction from God specific to their life and needs would be of value to them, or 2. what meaning the original church of Jesus Chrsit without any variation would have to them, or 3. what meaning would the knowledge that their family could be together forever have. And more often than not they either reply that they already have sufficient faith and don’t want any more or that they really couldn’t care less. And these are from the people that believe in God; however, they don’t think God plays a role in their everyday life and they don’t think that Him doing so would really have an impact. I now have faces to go along with every single statement in 2 Nephi 28 and a testimony that the apostasy is real. Ideas about religion are so varied and too many people have become comfortable with the fact that they only feel God in their lives occasionally. I know that this is not something only found in Poland, and not only something found today. I identify with the prophets in the scriptures that testify of the gospel to deaf ears. They always seem so strong, like they never got frustrated. But as I read some of their prayers I recognize the pleading for the people that they love to accept their message and the sadness at others’ choices to reject a more full life.

However, very shortly I know that as we try to act as Christ acted some will recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity to do a bit of service this week for one of our investigators and then with a member. As we’ve painted a rental apartment for this member she’s invited us over several times for dinner later and we’ve gotten to meet her husband who isn’t a member and teach him a little bit about the gospel. They even came to church yesterday to hear me speak in sacrament meeting. She said that her children have never been interested in the gospel but that they were really impressed when they heard that we were willing to come help their mother with a real need that she had. That we weren’t just a church that preached of Christ, but we were doing our best to become like Him. We’ve seen some hearts really soften as we’ve applied this principle and that was a real theme in the last couple of conferences too. When people see us serve they know we are representatives of Jesus Christ.

Love you all and wish you a great week and a Happy Halloween.

Siostra Allen


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