It’s starting to get cold here.

Hi Everyone,
In similar format to last week I’ll just share a couple stories with you. They are all just a little bit funny. Hope you don’t mind the lighthearted e-mail.

We had an appointment to meet with a member on Friday. We wrote down her address, looked it up on the map, decided on the best route to get there and then after planning set out. We were running a bit late and so I called her to let her know that we were on the way but everything seemed good. We talked to a woman on the tramwej and then got off at our planned stop. As we approached the street we decided to ask someone for directions. She told us to get back on the tramwej and keep going to the end of the line. We did just that. When we got off we talked to a man to see which way the street we wanted was. He told us we should get back on the tramwej and go back the way we had come. At this point we decided to call the member we were planning on visiting because we were lost and very late. We ended up going back on the tram 25 minutes and then walking through a college campus and a whole bunch of little gardens. But we made it eventually. The irony of the situation was that if we had just walked a bit from the first tram stop we got off at, we would have made it fine.
(As we were waiting for a bus back into town we saw an ice cream truck- the only one I’ve seen in Poland. But we were so confused that we let it pass without buying any icecream, something we were really sad about later)

One of the Elder’s investigators got baptized on Saturday. He’s a really cool guy named Jonas from Ireland/Sweden. Because the pool which we normally use was not available they decided on a lake. I’m sure it was freezing water, but it was a beautiful baptism nonetheless. However, Polish people are really paranoid about the cold, so the members thought that they were crazy for getting in the lake this time of year. Especially one of my favorite people named Basia. During the whole baptism she was commenting on how she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and how she was going to tell her friends but they wouldn’t believe her, and how he would remember his baptism for the rest of his life because you can never forget something that cold… It was so funny.

I love you all and pray for you often. Sister Stay and I are having a grand time here and working as hard as we can. I know when we working dilligently with faith the Lord blesses you. Love you lots.

Have a great week.

Siostra Allen

P.S. The Russian National Ballet is coming at the beginning of November to perform Swan Lake and me and my dancer companion splurged and bought tickets. This will be a very effective use of our one culture night a month. I’ll have to tell you all about it.


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