I also cannot believe it’s October. The weather here has been surprisingly warm. All you really need is a cardigan and a light scarf and you’re still pretty warm. We’re enjoying that quite a bit, but we’ll see how long it lasts.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Hope you have a great day. Sto lat! That’s what the Poles say when it’s your birthday, it means 100 years.

So how was my week? It was a really good one. We were so excited about General Conference. We were allowed to watch 3 sessions and so I saw Relief Society, Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning. I love all of the sessions, but I was really impressed by relief society. I felt like Sister Beck was helping us see the divine potential of relief society and how it can help us become more Christlike and keep our covenants. That paired with Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about not forgetting were so pertinent. I also really loved what the prophet had to say. It is always so good, but his commentary on following the Spirit was really something I’ve been looking for direction on lately as I try to always follow the spirit to better invite others to come unto Christ.

We were so excited about Conference, but our week was actually spent worrying about how to watch it in polish with our investigators. It’s on the internet, but no one knew when or on what site etc. We were scheduling with investigators and reminding less actives about it, but we weren’t exactly sure how it worked, and no one else seemed to be able to tell us. So we prayed about it all week and discussed all the options that might be available. On Saturday night we were at a less active’s home and miraculously everything went smoothly. They wouldn’t have been able to find the information on the English website by themselves, but with the help of the Lord, we were able to help them hear the words of prophets and apostles. But that wasn’t the end of our night, we actually helped several members figure out how to watch it on the internet. Basically we were Conference fairies. We just knocked on the door, came in, turned on conference and left to go to the next home.

This week had several hard experiences such as meeting with a less active member who is battling with alcoholism and had recently relapsed getting herself into a really bad situation, then one of our investigators decided she needed to concentrate more on school and that she wasn’t going to meet with us, this forced us to adjust our plans for the week. But each time we were faced with a new trial we turned to prayer. Sometimes we just sat and cried with people in prayer begging for understanding and help. Sometimes we were asking for our hearts to be teachable so that we could enjoy the blessings of obedience. Sometimes we were asking for the internet to not cut out so that we could watch conference without problems. Each time, I know that God heard our prayers and answered them in the way we needed them answered. And despite the trials and heartaches it has been an amazing week. We heard the prophet speak, we got to teach one of our investigators with her 8 year old daughter because she was home sick from school. We taught about how the spirit talks to us and how we get answers to prayer. Then the mother came and watched conference with us at a members home and really enjoyed it. We met with a woman who was contacted months ago and has never had time. She teaches Catholic doctrine in elementary schools. That’s kind of intimidating, but several times she said that although she teaches about and believes in the Catholic church, when she teaches she doesn’t feel anything. At least not the deep spiritual confirmation we obviously felt when we were teaching. She recognized the Spirit!

We kind of joke that a mission is a mini-life. It’s full of hard and wonderful experiences and you have to learn to rely on the Lord and grow in abilities along the way. I can really see that. I am a completely different missionary today than I was a year ago. I am so grateful for the experiences I have gained, the people I have come to love, and for the testimony I have gained about this gospel. It means everything to me. I love the gospel. I know it’s true.
Siostra Allen.


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