Two New Posts (sorry, I got a little behind)

Hey family!
We had a wonderful morning. Right in the middle of language study someone knocks at our door. We were a little confused as to who it could be, but then when we looked through the peep hole it was the mail man! We got your package and it was amazing! Mom, I don’t think you realize how awesome you are. Chocolate chip cookies are something nigh unto impossible to find in Poland because two of the main ingredients don’t exist here: brown sugar and chocolate chips. So it was such an amazing surprise and we poured two cold glasses of milk on the spot and ate about three cookies each. They were delicious. And then the Book of Mormon ensign!  We flipped through it to see everything that it had and I cannot wait to study it tomorrow during personal study. It is literally gold to us. So thank you for such a wonderful surprise to brighten up our day.

As far as our week, we’ve actually had some good teaching moments. From a really nice mother who is open to learning about another faith, to a friendly grandma who’s never heard of us, and then our two Chinese exchange students who really wonder if God exists. Jenny says the most profound things, that we’ve actually started writing them down just to remember them.
Here are some of our favorites:
We were teaching about Jesus Christ, who He is and what He did. After reading a verse that talked about how he performed miracles like healing the lame and causing the blind to see. She inserted that these were outside ailments and that she thought Jesus Christ also healed us of our internal emotional and psychological ailments. All we could say was YES!
We asked her how she thought God would answer her prayer and she responded: I think he will give me direction when I am confused or have important decisions. I don’t think it will be something I hear, but that I will feel his help.
I don’t remember what led her to make this comment, but she was describing what she hoped to gain from religion and knowing that God exists. She said: Pure happiness. Not the happiness from winning the lottery, but a deep sure peace and joy.

Those moments and many others like them have blown us away. She is a girl who has never been religious and yet she has spiritual maturity and understands things that many who have been around religion their entire life struggle with. We had the opportunity to hear her pray for the first time in her entire life and express desire to know God and come closer to Him. It was an amazing experience that I don’t ever want to forget. It is why I’m here on a mission, to meet amazing people like Jenny and help them develop their own testimony that God lives and Jesus is the Christ.

Siostra Allen


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