September 2011

Hello family,
We’ve had some really cool experiences during my first real week in Łódż. Two people we met on the street met with us and came to activities at church. One of them started reading the Book of Mormon and really liked it. The other is waiting for a copy in Chinese since she’s a student here from China. When she came to instytut she invited one of her friends who is also interested in Christianity from China. There are wonderful people here and I’m loving the opportunity to seek them out and teach them about the restored gospel. 
Something cool about Łódż is that we will probably receive the next real chapel here. There is already a plot of land owned by the church, but we have to have a certain number of people coming to church on average to justify building the chapel. So right now our goal is 60 people in church for several months. That’s a lot when the average is in the thirties. Both this and last Sunday everyone’s been really surprised at all the faces that have shown up. There were 9 less active members who showed up to church yesterday. I had had meetings with several of them, and it was exciting to see them come and bring their husbands and friends. I am going to see some miracles happen here over the next couple of months. I can already feel it.
Love you and hope you have a great week. I’m praying for you all.
Siostra Allen

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