I love it here in Lodz, Poland

So I got transferred this week. But of course you already know that. Łódż is great! It’s like a mix of Warsaw and Katowice because it feels a lot more like a city than Katowice did. It’s much more beautiful with tourist streets and more going on, but it still has the traditional Polishness that I really felt in the śląsk. The branch has about the same number of active members as the one in Katowice, except here there are a lot more families, whereas in Katowice most of the members were individuals. My new companion is wonderful- like all my companions have been. She is from Utah and is a dancer! So I get a nice reminder of home. She is so friendly and hard working. I had met her a few times at zone conferences etc. but never spent tons of time with her. She got into the country in December and trained really early as well so she is a fantastic missionary and speaks Polish quite well so we’re really excited to help each other really get good and continue to excel at missionary work. We realized that between the two of us we have been companions with almost every other sister in the mission. Which means we have hopefully learned a lot about styles of missionary work and what is effective and different ways to approach situations.  I just know this transfer is really going to allow us to grow in amazing ways as we share that knowledge.
We do travel on the train alone during transfers so I talked to a nice older woman on her way to the beach and then a Czech man who is a professor of history and was going to a conference. Trains are one of my favorite places to talk to people because you’re just sitting in the same car passing the time, and often people are really curious who you are and why you’re in Poland. Lodz is really close to Warsaw. Our district is just Lodz because we have 3 companionships of missionaries and then a senior couple. But we are in the Warsaw Zone. It’s only about an hour and a half train ride so not too bad. It’s strange, I’ve never been in a place that we had to travel to Zone Conference and where there wasn’t Zone Leaders.
You asked if things like youth conference, seminary, Women’s Conference happen here in Poland. The answer is yes and no. They do have seminary and instytut, except it’s only once a week and then most of it has to be done on your own. They don’t have youth conference, but they did have a regional efy in Germany for the youth (14-18) and YSA conference in Romania for young adults (18-30). And then they try and have activities for Poland, it’s just difficult because any time that happens it means traveling time, finding them places to stay, expenses, and then with all that getting enough people to make it a fun activity. But they work with it and do have activities. 
Love to All Back Home,
Siostra Allen

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