End of Summer 2011

We just had Zone Conference this week and then President and Siostra Nielson stayed for the weekend and spoke in church. It was so nice to have them around. They are so wonderful and give such amazing and wise advice. We were more than grateful for the visit down here.

Well, I have three funny stories for you all this week:

The first is that I found my youngest brother Joshua’s Polish counterpart yesterday. He’s a younger version of my brother because he’s only 8, but the resemblance is crazy. His name is Dominik and when he came to church with his family I almost fell over. I told him all about Josh and showed him pictures of my family and then took a couple pictures of my own to send home, however they are on Sister Folsom’s camera so I’ll have to wait to get them from her before I send them. Seriously, it’s funny because there aren’t tons of red heads here, but he has red hair and glasses and is really lean and super nice, just like Josh.

Another funny story is something that anyone who knows multiple languages is familiar with. Sometimes translations aren’t word for word. This can cause problems if there was a specific wording that you really liked in one language and it isn’t translated the same. But sometimes, you find the coolest translations. This morning for instance we were reading in 2 Nephi 15 and the English version is something like wo unto the drinkers of wine and strong men who drink or something like that. But in Polish it’s roughly wo unto the heroes of the drinking of wine and those that reside in the apartments of alcohol. So much cooler right? When we read this Sister Folsom asked if I could translate it because she was pretty sure she didn’t understand it right. But she did.

And lastly, as a result of lots of meetings and translating for meetings etc. we were pretty tired this weekend. We actually forgot our phone at the chapel on Saturday and then forgot our keys at the senior couple’s apartment twice in a row yesterday. It was funny because both times we were walking to the chapel to do a white board and contacting everyone on the way, and both times we took about an hour to go the 7 min walk to the chapel because we were talking to such cool people many of which took Book of Mormons. Then we would walk up to the chapel and just as we were approaching the door, would get a call that we had forgotten our keys and we had to go back the way we’d come. The first time it was a little annoying. But we laughed a little and turned around.After dropping by the McGraths we started out again talking to some even cooler people and giving away our last Book of Mormon. And as we walked up to the chapel again, there was another phone call. We had walked all the way to the McGrath’s apartment and chatted with them for a bit and then completely forgotten to take the keys. We felt pretty foolish, but I guess we weren’t supposed to do that White Board last night, instead we were supposed to walk to the chapel and home twice and meet the people we did. It’s always funny how things work out.

Well I love you all and wish you a great week.

Sister Allen


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