I don’t even have enough time to describe the last week. It has been amazing because I have seen the Lord’s hand in everything we have done. I really feel like one of the reasons I’m serving with my companion is that she is teaching me about prayer. Whenever we are confused about what to do or what to teach or what to plan we talk about it for a second and then she says, “Let’s pray about it” and even though it isn’t always a strike of lightning and we suddenly know where we’re supposed to go, somehow I know he is directing us because we always end up in the right place at the right time. We have experienced too many small miracles for them just to be coincidences.

She told me that in an MTC devotional a general authority said that as missionaries we have the amazing ability to ask for miracles and the Lord will give them to us. I know God answers prayers. I always have, but sometimes I don’t expect Him to really make things happen, that he always has a different plan for me. He doesn’t always answer my prayers exactly like I want Him to, but often He answers them ten fold what I ask for. Yesterday after church we were exhausted, hungry, and Sister Folsom was feeling sick. Our plans ended up changing because an investigator called and said she could meet that evening. Everything was accounted for except the next hour before returning home. Even though we didn’t feel up to it we decided to go contact. On the way to the park I prayed that He would send us at least one mildly interested person in the next hour that would listen and we could teach for a little while. We taught almost continually for the next hour going from park bench to park bench. Three people took Book of Mormons and two of them set up meetings for this week. It was amazing. More than I had asked for. Which testifies to me that prayer is more powerful and more effective than I ever imagined.

I love you all and I’m happy to hear that you’re doing so well. I love Katowice, Poland, and being a missionary. This church really is Christ’s. He really did die for us. God really is our Father. And we really can live with Him again. And whenever I have questions or feel confused as I pray and study I always find my answer. Especially in the Book of Mormon. I truly stand all amazed the more I learn about the gospel.

Have a wonderful week,

Sister Allen


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