A slower week

Hi Mom,

You are so right about how hard presidencies in the church work. To be honest I think they are even more difficult than a mission. Missions are great because you have the opportunity to be completely committed. That’s all we do is build the church. But serving as a member, you are required to do so much and still maintain balance of work, family, etc. I do feel very blessed because as a missionary I get to learn the value of so many things, and how to do them effectively that will be able to transfer into future callings.

Here’s a miracle story from the last week:
We didn’t have a chance to meet with very many of our investigators this week because of vacation and what not, which resulted in lots of very open days to fill with lots of tracting activities. As we tried to stay focused we really felt the blessings of the Lord, and later where able to see his hand guiding us. For instance, in an efforts to set up some meetings, Thursday we called all of the potentials in our Area Book. Even ones that were found a year ago. Marek answered and set up an appointment. He now lives in Krakow but just so happened was coming to Katowice for the weekend. When he set up,  he didn’t have anything to write down the address to the chapel so we said we’d call back later.

On Saturday we last minute had to change our schedule and switch our tracting time with a whiteboard. This left us whiteboarding in the evening right when said Marek and his wife were walking down the street. We contacted them and talked for an hour not realizing that this was who we had a meeting with on Monday. But we gave him the address to the chapel, important since his phone had broken and we would have had no other way to get a hold of them again. Our change of plans seemed really irritating in the moment, but later we understood that Heavenly Father had something a little bit bigger planned and we were able to be where we needed to be at the right time.

I love you all so much. I’m doing great
Btw: There might not be an e-mail next week. If I can’t e-mail I’ll try and write so either way you’ll hear from me. Love ya and talk to you later.

Trzymajcie sie

Siostra Allen


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