Life is great in Katowice except for maybe the weather. My Companion keeps on saying, “So in the summer we can do more white boards or go to the park on P-day etc.” and then she realizes it’s the middle of July and this is summer. I think there’s only been one day in the last week that it didn’t pour rain non-stop. I personally like this kind of weather, but it does make it hard to do good missionary work in Poland where the majority of our finding is contacting people on the streets. Oh well, there must be some amazing people that need to be found by tracting.

Kato update: What’s new here besides the weather…
We met with the coolest family this week. This couple has two cute teenage daughters. They came to our concert last month and after wards we were talking and they invited us on a “driving tour” of the area so they could show us some of the original towns that haven’t been changed by all the wars. We did that last P-day and it was so cool to see these little pieces of history and culture. One town was created to house the workers at a mine nearby and it was just really cool to see that everything was constructed to center around family and community.
The even cooler part of this story is that when they dropped us off we asked if we could visit them and share what we believe with them and they said yes. I was a little worried that they were just being nice, but it was a fantastic meeting and they invited us back. We can’t wait to meet with them again.
Dorota planned a really fun event for Pioneer day and it was a blast. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, pioneer day was celebrated even in Poland, but probably slightly differently than they do it in Utah. There weren’t any handcarts. Just eating contests and potato sack races– and everything was inside because of the weather. Then after wards we sang hymns for a while which was really cool because one of our investigators who was there loves to sing and it was a great way to share with her what kind of music we have.
This investigator is a cute 20 year old linguistics major who met missionaries in December; she randomly called us to know if there were still English lessons going on. She is really active in her own church, but we had a great lesson with her.  She reads and prays about the Book of Mormon so she can know for herself that it’s true. That’s the great thing about missionary work, we don’t have to convince anyone of anything, just invite them to find out for themselves and every person that studies it out and prays about it can know.
Gosia, the relief society president, is working really hard to get the women in church visiting teaching and so we’ve been helping her out. If there are sisters that can’t go with their companion we volunteer to go with them so that they can do it. I have such a testimony of the power of visiting teaching. I know it uplifts and strengths both the teachee and teacher and that branches that do it well, are more unified and happy so I am excited to help Gosia out with this project.
Dominika never ceases to be amazing. She’s almost done with her second reading of the Book of Mormon and is so solid that sometimes I forget that she is only 18.
That’s about it on this side of the world. Hope you’re doing well over there too.

Siostra Allen


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