So Poland has a TON of holidays. And when Poland celebrates, it celebrates. Nothing is open and everyone takes it easy with their family. Today happens to be one of those, we were really grateful that the internet cafe we normally use is open and also this cute bike rental place. As a missionary we see a ton of the cities that we serve in, but we don’t really get a ton of time to explore. So today we’re going to rent bikes and ride all around taking pictures and having a grand old time being a little touristy. It’ll be fun. Our own little way to celebrate.

What else is new here?  We’re working really hard talking to so many people and teaching a decent amount. A lot of our investigators have really interesting backgrounds, we are teaching several Christians, but also an Atheist and a Pagan. It’s very different to teach someone without a Christan background. They will read, but prayer, the only way for them to gain a testimony about our message, is another thing. I never realized how important it is, or desired so much for others to do it. I just love all the people we’re teaching. Every one of them is such a nice, interesting, fun person. Even if their choices to reject the gospel break my heart, I hope and pray that maybe sometime in the future they will. Either way, I love them to death and will have way too many people to stay in contact with after my mission. The list just keeps getting longer and longer.

I have also officially decided that pond/ lake baptisms are the best. We had one on Saturday and it was gorgeous. Of course you cant’ always count on the weather which is why they probably prefer something like a font or a pool. We learned that first hand, after the ceremony I was giving a talk on the Holy Ghost and it started pouring rain all over everyone. Oh well, it was an adventure and my scriptures dried out.

Love you all tons. Have a great week.

Siostra Allen


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