Czesc wam

Czesc wam!

Transfer weeks are always crazy because half the week you’re trying to do missionary work as well as prepare for someone to move and then the next half of the week you’re trying to do missionary work as well as getting adjusted. It’s been a big change for Katowice- we had three from our district get transferred to Warszawa, 3 remain, and 3 people get transferred here. However,  I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone new.

My new companion is studying Neuroscience, wants to be a doctor, plays the harp, has made a couple wedding cakes, swims, and runs marathons/triathalons! She’s my first companion that’s taller than me, which is fun. She does really well with the language and is ready to work hard.  She’s great.

You asked:

What’s new in Kato?
Besides transfers it’s pretty much the same. The YSA’s are getting ready to go to Romania for the YSA Conference. And then 4 young men are going to serve mini-missions for a few weeks at the end of August which is going to be amazing! even though it’s going to be slow for the branch getting member lessons and recent convert lessons. They really are a lot of the life blood of the branch right now. Oh well. It’s going to be such a great experience.

What do we do on P-day?
Normal study, e-mail, run errands, grocery shop, clean and then it’s about 2 or 3. Then we usually just listen to Mormon Tabranacle Choir and write letters. Lately everyone in our district has gone over to a Ward Sister’s home and we hang out and play games etc. It’s been really nice and relaxing recently.

Say hi to everyone for me, Love,
Siostra Allen


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