District Conference

working on teaching skills
Southern Poland’s District Conference Lunchtime
It’s strange to think of summer as scorching as I know Las Vegas is this time of year. Poland gets unbearably hot as well; however, the last few days have turned grey, cold, and rainy. Last Monday I decided to buy a rain jacket because I don’t have one and right now they’re on sale. It was sunny then and I had no idea I would need to use it so much so soon. But as you know I love Fall weather, so while everyone else is complaining about the sudden cold stroke, I’m secretly reveling in the beautiful gloomy sky and being able to wear my cute new jacket.
You asked about my language skills. I’m doing well, at least I can communicate. There are still so many words to learn and so many grammatical mistakes that I make, but I understand the most part of what everyone says and when I don’t it makes for a really good story. Like a few weeks ago I was talking to an investigator who has really bad phone reception. So you have a language barrier, he talks really fast, and I’m not able to hear everything. Well he told me that he hadn’t done very well on one of his exams and I thought he said he was waiting for the grades on his exam. My reply wasn’t exactly what it might have been had I understood correctly. So even a year into the mission and there are still lots of language blunders to be made.
On Thursday we had a missionary musical concert for us to invite investigators, and members to invite their family members. We were a little worried that there wouldn’t be that many people and we were wasting time getting everything ready for it, but over 20 investigators showed up. It helped that we planned it right after English class so a lot of people stayed from that! We were thrilled that it went so well and now we’re trying to think of other ways we can use music to find people.
The baptisms went very well. Because we don’t have a real chapel we have to rent a pool about 15 minutes away, travel to it to perform the baptism and then travel back. It’s hard to make this go smoothly, but everything worked out great.
Oh and you’re probably wondering about transfers. So I’m staying in Katowice! I’m so excited to be staying and continue working with the people here. I’ll be sad to see my companion go though. We’ve had a GREAT 3 months finding and teaching some fajnie people. I’ve learned so much in so many dimensions of my life. Language, teaching, building friendships, planning… she is a bomb missionary and must have trained me well because I’m going to be a trainer again next transfer! I’m so excited about the new things I’m going to learn with this new missionary. I’ll have to tell you all about her next week after I’ve met her.
New transfers are great because they allow you to have new beginnings. To hold on to the positive things that you are doing and make needed changes that will help you progress and become the best missionary you can be. I’m so excited for this great opportunity and hope you all are embracing your new beginnings back home too.
I love you and pray for you often.
Siostra Allen

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