End of June 2011

As far as my life goes, we’re really busy.
This coming week is the last full one before transfers so next week I’ll have news on what’s changing!
We’re getting ready for our investigator’s baptism next weekend. She is so ready and wonderful!
We’re planning a musical fireside that members can invite their friends and family to. I’ll tell you how that goes.
We have this one new really cool investigator that decided to go with the YSAs to Romania for the European YSA conference (basically an older version of EFY). We are so excited for him. He came to church yesterday for the first time. and there are some great members that are about his age and they really like him. Our investigator will even text them questions he has about the church! He’s seriously one of our miracles.
We had a funny encounter with a couple of drunk men. My companion tried to contact them not knowing they were drunk and one of them, put his hands on her shoulders to talk to her. He wasn’t threatening, it was just a little invasive.Ā  I pulled her away and we were endeavoring to say goodbye, but he kept on asking us questions. Just then one of our investigators shows up out of nowhere. He’d been on the other side of the street and came over to assist. Heavenly Father was looking out for us and we were very grateful. We also can testify about the Word of Wisdom and how much benefit it has.Ā Ā  Drunk people just act really dumb.
Well that’s our update. Love ya and talk to you next week.

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