You asked about Auchwitz. It was really hard to emotionally take it in. You see all the pictures and evidence and read the accounts of prisoners, but it’s impossible to really comprehend what happened there.I took some pictures, but in my opinion it was too sunny and pretty the day we went. It didn’t really agree with the mood of the place that we were.

Something that is interesting about missionary work is that each person you teach has such different concerns. Even though a lot of people in Poland come from a similar background, every one is working to overcome a different concern before they can be baptized. For one, they first have to believe that God exists despite the horrible things that happen in this world. For another, they are learning why a church is necessary and it’s not sufficient to just study and believe on your own. Another person admits that God probably exists, but they don’t know that the Bible or anything/ anyone else can express God’s teachings and commandments. And those are just a few. Each person that you sit down with has a different life and different questions, and yet, amazingly the Gospel of Jesus Christ in it’s simple and perfect way helps us understand all of them. It meets every person’s needs. How is that possible? I’m not exactly sure. But the scriptures talk about the need for an infinite atonement and I believe that holds the answer.

I know that Christ’s atonement is real. I have felt it heal me. When I have felt hopeless, as I turned to him I received hope and peace. This is a living gospel that helps people with todays problems. It is beautiful. It is powerful.

I wish you all a wonderful week.

Siostra Allen


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