Hey family and friends,
This week has held some of the most amazing experiences of my mission and some of the most difficult. The Zone Conference was unbelievable. As I listened to the words of Elder Teixeira a seventy, I knew that he truly understood what the Lord wanted us to be doing as missionaries, and wanted to help us be successful in achieving that.
At the same time, as we’ve worked so hard this week to talk to more people- on the street, on buses, at bus stops,  etc. We have talked to soooo many more people than normal! How exciting. This is something I’ve struggled with my whole mission and am still learning. But for some reason, no one was stopping this week. It was very discouraging. Just to add to that, we have met with some of the most aggressive people. By the end of contacting yesterday, I felt like I had received a beating. Offering the most special thing to me, my testimony to so many people and then having so many people ignore and reject it.
But like I said, we also have had some amazing experiences. I feel like my companion and I are working more and more in unity. I love her and love working with her. Some investigators that I didn’t really expect to progress, are reading the Book of Mormon and asking to meet with us again. We’ve randomly had several people just come up to us and start talking, and this morning, someone called in response to a flyer and wants to meet tomorrow! But the most amazing part of this week, was our meeting yesterday with our investigator.  She had never prayed on a lesson. We had tried to invite her and talk about why it was important previously, but she always refused. Yesterday we taught a quick lesson after church with her and her boyfriend. At the end he asked her to pray, not knowing that she had never prayed on a lesson before. She was again hesitant and said she couldn’t but we talked about the blessings and he encouraged her and she gave the most beautiful prayer I’ve ever heard. At the end she just started crying and said she felt warm inside. The spirit was strong and truly blessed all of us. I would give months of hard weeks like this just for that experience.
When we choose to continue working and try not to be discouraged, he really pours out his blessings.
I love you all and wish you a wonderful week. Thank you for letting me know how you all are. I’m safe, healthy and happy.
-Siostra Allen

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