Transfers were 3 weeks ago, and I didn’t change, but I didn’t think I would since I just got here. The next transfer is at the beginning of July I believe. We’ll see what happens. I doubt that they would keep us here exactly the same, so most likely one of us is changing. But we’ll see. That being said, there have been lots of middle-of-transfer-transfers lately, so who knows. We’re never safe from transferring. Dun dun dun. We do have an awesome Zone Conference this week that I’m looking forward to. Elder Texiera from the 70 will be here. I’ll let you know how it goes.
It was an amazing week in Poland. There were 4 baptism Saturday, all under the age of 25. The church is growing, and it’s young people who are interested in religion! I actually know 3 of them because I taught Ania when I was in Warsaw. She is so amazing. Only 17 years old, but very confident and soooo nice. We were at her house the week of Christmas and her and her father sang us Polish Christmas songs. So basically, I love her and her family, and am so unbelievably excited that she made such a big step in her life.
And the two newest members in Katowice are no less cool. Patryk and Arek are brothers and life long friends of a member here. When they’re together, I feel like I’m with the strippling warriors. They’re all huge guys. Patryk was actually the Polish judo champion last year. And they love the gospel. They text their favorite scripture verses back and forth every day as they’re reading the Book of Mormon and are always talking about who they want to invite to church with them. It was great because their mother and two younger brothers came to the baptism, not to mention their girlfriends and several other people. They’re getting ready to serve mini-missions this summer for a few weeks, and are thinking about serving full time too. I just love both of them, they are always smiling and are going to be such an amazing part of this branch. And Dominka who I mentioned on the phone, she is Arek’s girlfriend. She is as wonderful as ever. We just adore them all. So life is pretty great!
Kocham was! Trzymajcie siΔ™!
Siostra Allen

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