Mother’s Day

This week our mission finished reading the Book of Mormon together. I actually finished it in Polish and English. I love the Book of Mormon! I knew the Book of Mormon was true before my mission, but I have really gained a deep love for it here in Poland. It is something I will be forever grateful for. I love the answers and clarification I gain as I read with the Spirit. I love seeing investigators reading it for the first time. As they come to believe in it and see the applications in their life. They know that it is from God and they receive the blessings from continual study.

This week we’ve had the opportunity to have a few of our investigators who haven’t been progressing very much lately, keep commitments. It is one of the most exciting things ever. One man hasn’t been to church since the first time he investigated the church years ago, and he was there on Sunday. And the other is a really great young man who comes to church and instytut every week, and has done so for probably a year. He started reading the Book of Mormon! It’s the most exciting thing, because I know that this is the only way they can really know our message is true and progress.If they’re doing things to find out for themselves.


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