It was such a beautiful Easter here. I love Easter, have I ever told you that. It’s without the stress of Christmas and so I can just think about my Savior and what event we’re celebrating. What it means to me that He atoned, died, and was resurrected. We visited a member yesterday and we asked her that question. What does Christ’s sacrifice mean to you? I love the word she used. Podstawowy which means basic or fundamental. It’s also very similar to the word they use for a foundation of a house- podstawa. I love that. It really sums it up for me. He us the foundation of my life, upon which everything else is built.

A note from my scripture reading. As I read Ether 12 again, the verse about him showing us our weaknesses found new meaning. I had never noticed before that it says- If men come unto me I will unto them their weakness. The invitation so often repeated in the scriptures, “Come unto me” is paired with a promise in this verse, that he will show unto us our weakness. So when we see our weaknesses, that it is a blessing from Him. But in the same chapter he talks about faith and hope. When we see our weaknesses it isn’t to make us feel hopelessly inadequate and worthless. On the contrary, we should turn to him for help in growing and changing. As we “exercise faith in him” he will help us overcome our weaknesses.

There are beautiful tulips here and beautiful green leaved trees and sunshine. I love it. I feel so blessed for it. My mission has given new meaning to 2 Nephi 2 that there must be opposition in all things so that you can more fully enjoy the good. Well, I more fully enjoy the warmth after so many months of winter.

We have some great investigators we’re working with right now and I am so excited to see them progress, to see the changes this gospel can make in their lives.

Siostra Allen


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