Preparing for Easter

Hey everybody,

I finally feel like I’m settling into Katowice. That I finally know and understand the investigators we’re working with and the members and missionaries here. Our mission is talking a lot about being the missionary Heavenly Father wants you to be. Sometimes this includes sacrifices and changes that are uncomfortable and inconvenient, but we show our faith by allowing him to help us succeed. I really feel like I am supposed to be in Poland on a mission right now, that the lessons we are learning are for me. I forget who’s talk in conference it was, but he talked about desire. As we turn our desires into goals, then plans, and then work hard to achieve them, they truly become reality. But there’s a lot of work that transforms desires into reality, it’s not a magical immediate transformation. Every member and missionary in Poland wants to find the people who are searching for the truth, who are praying for us to find them. But we have to prepare and work to find them, not just expect God to send them to our doorstep. (Quite the contrary, that’s what he’s sent us to do. Show up on their doorstep.) And only if we prepare ourselves with the Spirit, through powerful scripture study, prayer, obedience will they be able to feel that our message is good. That’s just some of what I’ve been thinking about lately.

Thank you for the update about home, and thank you for all the wonderful letters that I’ve received recently. I’m working on writing you all back.

Polish fact of the week (it’s been a while hasn’t it): Wielkanoc which translated means something like “the great night”, is what they call Easter. Easter is just as big as Christmas here. A man told me happy holidays last night and people tell us to call them back after the holidays because they are just too busy to meet. They are all going to visit family this weekend . And I’ve been warned that everything is closed, so make sure you have groceries for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday because there will be nowhere to buy them. It’s kind of great. I’m really excited to experience it. Plus I love the Easter season anyway.


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