I don’t think I expected to go through any culture shock again, but that shows what I know. Any time you make a move there is some adjustment, it’s a new city, new people, different strengths and different challenges, new bus numbers to memorize, new streets names and procedures. There is always a lot of change in life, the challenge is figuring out how to embrace it and jump right in. But I am so excited for my time in Katowice. We live in superjednoska which I believe means super unit. I heard it has the largest number of apartments for any building in Europe or something like that. It really is huge. We could probably just go up 5 floors and down a couple of klatkas and trakt if we really wanted to. Maybe not. It’s also amazingly well located. We can be at the chapel in 5 minutes- I love it, the spodek (arena), a tramwej station, a bus station, the grocery store, a street market, and empik (the Barnes and Noble of Poland). I think Sister Mann is getting quite annoyed at my frequently exclamations at how much I love our apartment and how amazing it is to be so close to everything.

It is quite industrial here. The air quality used to be horrible with all the coal mines and everything, but now it’s not bad. I also love that it has a lot more old buildings in comparison to Warsaw because Warsaw was completely destroyed during the war and so everything has been rebuilt in the last century. The Old Town there is really just a recreation. But here there are gorgeous old buildings everywhere! And there are quite a few big parks. Great for meeting people now that the weather is nice. Basically I can tell this is going to be a great chapter of my mission, I just have to figure out the newness of it.

Thank you for your great insights on conference. I felt like they were very specifically reminding us to obey all the commandments. If we are obedient then God can bless us and give us the strength to overcome adversity. I love General Conference. I love that we have living prophets and apostles who can direct us in the way that God would have us go. I know them to be men of God and their words are not merely wise, but inspired.)

As far as things that I need… I had a list and forgot it. I only remember the Mormon Tabernacle CD with Spirituals and Folk Songs. Sister Leppanen had it and I got a little addicted. And also, as soon as you get an English copy of conference I would love it. We only got to listen to an hour in Polish and half a session in English.  I did get the magazines that you sent, thanks and I am saving the CTR rings that I haven’t given away to give to members along the way. I’m sure I’ll find a few that would really appreciate them.

Here’s our address:
ul. Korfantego 22/15
40-127 Katowice

And as always, if you want to send something to me through the mission office if you’re not sure when I’m going to get transferred, the address is
ul. Wiertnicza 135, piętro 1
02-952 Warszawa

The Moons are actually in Wrocław not Katowice, but they are in our zone so we’ll probably see each other at some point.

Yes, please file my W-2 and also, could you look up the balance in my bank account. I really want to make sure that I budget my money for the rest of my mission so that I don’t have to write home for more, but I can’t do that if I don’t know how much there is. Normally I would just look it up online, but unfortunately I can’t.

I’m so glad to hear that Scott is healing well, that Josh is playing lots of Basketball and that you both are doing well at work. Good luck with concerts, grading papers and opening new offices. Happy early anniversary! too.

Ok, well I have to go, thanks for all the news from home. I love you all and pray for you. A lot of talks that I heard were on good parenting. Thank you for all your hard work teaching me the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be forever grateful.

Sister Allen


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