Thank you so much for the e-mail. You wouldn’t think so, but it makes all the difference. It’s so good to hear what you are up to and that everything is going well back home.

So I have a fantastic mission president. You can meet him and his lovely wife in a couple years since they are conveniently from Las Vegas. But really, he doesn’t hesitate to act upon the inspiration he receives, even if logically it doesn’t make sense. A good example of this is the fact that he had me train Sister Leppanen even though I was four months in the field and there were sisters who had been here longer. A more recent example is the fact that he is transferring over 10 missionaries half way through this transfer. And I’m one of them. Yep, crazy, I know. I’m going to Katowice (Cat-oh-vee-ts-eh) on Wednesday. Google it. It’s in the south of Poland. It’s bitter sweet because I love all the members here so much, but I’m excited for the change. It feels right despite how shocking it was when I got the call on Saturday night. My companion will be Sister Mann. She’s from Wisconsin if I remember correctly. She’s a month in the country so I’m half training again, I guess?? Kato is supposedly pretty ghetto, but everyone I’ve know who served there loved it! It’s actually the biggest city in Poland, so I expect to get lost at least a couple times. So that information has basically taken over our lives, as we try to meet with all our investigators and members again and pack all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the last 7 months.

Some other cool things happened this week. A former investigator invited one of his friends to church and so we chatted and asked if he would like to meet with us. In the past week we’ve had a meeting with him every couple days, he’s read over half of first Nephi and always has great questions. He is so great to teach because he sincerely wants to learn and believe. I’m sad I won’t get to keep meeting with him, but Sister Bailey and Sister Leppanen will have a great time. I also discovered yesterday on a lesson with him and a Ukrainian member in our branch that I understand Ukrainian. Not everything, but there are a lot of similar words to Polish, so I can pick them out and follow a conversation. Kind of cool. It was a strange lesson because they would be talking in Ukrainian and I would understand about 10% of the words they were using and then as soon as they switched to Polish I knew because I understood 75% of the words they used.

Also this week, the Young Single Adults had a missionary weekend where they really saw what missionary life was like. They slept at the mission home and woke up at 6:30, did missionary study in the morning, and then went on splits with us. It was so much fun. My companion was a really cool girl named Kamila who converted in the smallest branch in Poland- Szczecin and then moved here for university and is now in the largest branch. She is so cool and it was great to have her answer Polish grammar questions I had and tell me how a Pole would interpret my comments based on their culture. Not to mention, it was so cool to have a Pole testify with me in their native tongue. I wish I had done more things like this, we all learned so much.

Ok, well that’s my update. Next week I’ll send you an update on how everything is in Katowice! I love you all, thank you for all your love and prayers. I can’t wait for conference next weekend to hear the words of our living prophet.

Sister Allen


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