I feel so grateful to be here. I love this work. I love the people that I have the opportunity to meet and teach. I love my companion and the other missionaries I get to serve with, not to mention the amazing members. I try and always remind myself that this is such a short amount of time that I have to serve with all my time and all my efforts and to take advantage of that as much as I can.

This week I
Testified about the Book of Mormon to a priest (he was really cool and way respectful)
Taught a Finnish guy who is hitchhiking to Turkey
Recorded a song in the middle of a lesson (yes, our branch choir director is a rock star and he really wanted me to sing a song he wrote for the choir)
Gave out 7 Book of Mormons in an hour (We just filled up a table with church stuff and wrote “Everything for free” on it. People love free stuff)
Saw that faith actually has power to make things happen. Sometimes not the things that you think should happen, but always the things that the Lord wants to happen. We just have to trust him.
Realized the importance of prophets and apostles as special witnesses of Jesus Christ. They are special witnesses because they have seen the Savior and can give uninhibited testimony that He lives. How amazing is that for all the people who cannot believe in God because they have never seen Him. We have the testimony of the prophet who have.
Overall, good week right?

All my love,

Siostra Allen)

P.S. Don’t tell me what the weather is there. I think it would make me very envious.


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