Spring is Coming

Hello family and friends from the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland.
It truly is a beautiful day here. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the spring weather. It just wakes you up and makes you excited about life when the sun is shining and it’s not 17 below 0 Celsius.


  • This week was fat Thursday. It’s right before lent when everyone eats as many pączki or donuts as they possibly can. Our goal was 10 a piece, but we got really busy in the afternoon and evening and only had time to eat 7. Probably not the worst thing in the world that I ate 3 less donuts than planned.
  • I think I’m forgetting little things about the United States. Like what it’s like to drive in a car and not on tramwejs and what Americans think is cool and generally eat besides McDonald’s. What it’s like to live in a house and understand all the conversations around me and read billboards without looking up words in a mini-dictionary.
  • When you go to the meat counter, or meat store, half of the selection really is sausage- Poles say kielbasa. Sooo good.
  • I love the Book of Mormon. Every day I am more and more convinced that it is from God for us in our times. Ja wiem że Księga Mormona jest prawdziwa i jest darem od Boga dla nas dzisiaj. It is powerful. Ona ma moc. (As a quick Polish lesson, there are genders in Polish and because Księga ends in an “a” it is feminine. Therefore, you always refer to it as a she.)
  • More Polish: Tak=yes, No=Ya, Nie=no ………łatwy, no?… Easy, right?
  • One of my goals, desires, hopes is to find a family that can learn about the restored gospel together. To love it together.
  • When you work hard on something and prepare for the blessings, they come. Prawda to jest.
  • Can you believe it’s March? I’m glad that I’m so bad at math or I’d start freaking out at how fast my mission is going.

I’ve had a really great week. I’m working hard and love it here. Hope you all are doing well. Thank you for all your love and support.

Scott, sorry to here about your ACL. I will be praying for you Scott and your surgery. I’m sure everything will be fine and you’ll recover fast. I know that it must be discouraging, but keep working hard and having faith and Heavenly Father will help you through.
Josh, wow you’re getting tall. I don’t believe it. I love you, keep working hard at school and playing hard too. You’ve always been such a great kid and I’m proud of you. Mam dumę z ciebie.
Well that’s it for this week, lots of love.
Siostra Allen

P.S. YES YES YES I would love the right address to that family that the O’Briens know. As soon as they can get it to me we’ll go visit.
P.P.S. I’m pretty sure I did send a thank you card to them, but they might not have gotten it. Mail here isn’t quite reliable. Speaking of mail I’ve sent you all a few cards. have you ever gotten them. you only mentioned receiving the package I sent.
P.P.P.S. THANKS for the picture. It was so much fun to see you all, and I can’t believe how tall Josh is.
P.P.P.P.S. I can’t wait for the package, you’re the best.
pppppppppppppppppp.s. Thanks for the addresses too. 🙂


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