Beginning of March 2011

It took me a little while to settle into Warsaw, but now I can honestly say I LOVE it. The last couple days I’ve been saying goodbye to this beautiful big city and the people here and having quite a difficult time thinking about myself anywhere else. I feel like I’m just figuring out how to be a good missionary and how to serve these people and how to get around town. I even had a couple people say that they were going to pray that I didn’t get transfered (one of them being the Branch choir director:) ) Well, much to my suprise and delight, their prayers were answered. That’s right- I’m staying in South Warsaw with Sister Leppanen for another two months.Sorry you all probably think I have a boring mission with only one city and two companions for 8 months of my mission, but I’m happy to be here and excited for the hard work we’re going to do this transfer.

I’m glad you had such a great stake conference. They are so needed to keep us focused on our eternal goals and how to work towards them in our life today. I am soooo grateful that we have living apostles who can give us God’s direction for our times. We actually had District Conference this weekend too. Our district president (like stake president) is moving and so they called a new one and reorganized the mission presidency too. So lots of leadership changes. They are great men and I know they have been called of God. I’m sure everyone says this, but something is happening in Poland right now. Somethings really amazing and powerful. If you talk to the members they can even feel it and are starting to get excited. I know that this is a result of our renewed focus and desire to be 100% obedient as a mission. When we are obedient he has to bless us. How cool is that? We can count on blessings when we are following God’s commandments. Anyway, I’m so grateful that I get to be here right now and be apart of the changes that are happening. There are people here that are ready to change their lives, they just need to be boldly invited to do so.

You asked what Co to jest? means because you saw it in a picture on a white board we did. It means “What is this?” Super simple. Draw the plan of salvation and just start asking people if they know what it is. This gets them to stop because they’re curious and then you can just testify that we’re children of God and he has a plan for us. Some people aren’t interested in religion and move on, but most people what to hear what you have to say. I love it. And when you talk about divine truths like that, the spirit has to testify.


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