February 2011


Loved the story of cat and mouse! Sooo funny. Glad to know the cat still has it in him and that you successful saved the mouse. Glad you all are doing well and that you’re safe and sound. What exactly happened to Scott’s knee, I never heard? Hope everything is going well with his healing and he’ll have a good surgery. (Thanks for the scripture Scott. I love to share this with investigators when we are talking about prayer. It’s such an amazing simple truth that prayer can “direct thee for good”. It’s good to be reminded)

I actually got your package on Friday. We were miraculously home during the day because of weekly planning and the postman called on our domofon, I was SO excited. I might have already eaten the entire HUGE bag of Reeses Pieces. So much for the great diet I’ve been maintaining. Actually that’s a lie, while I do eat relatively well with pasta and sandwiches, we buy tons of chocolate and nutella, but we make up for it by walking all over Warsaw. I’ve actually lost some weight in the last months which is weird because most people gain weight, but if you don’t eat out a lot and serve in Europe, you stay in shape.

What else is new. We had an awesome weekend here in Warsaw. 5 people got baptized in Warsaw and 1 in Wroclaw- A mother and daughter in the first branch. A great guy named Emmanuel and a rockin’ awesome couple in ours. He’s investigated the church for a while aka 20 years and possibly knows more about it than I do. It’s great that he’s finally acted upon what he knows is true and that his wife was able to be baptized with him. That is amazing faith.

By way of other news transfers are next week, this transfer has gone by so fast. So next Monday I’ll know where I’m going if I’m going. I really can’t count on it. I very well could stay right here with Sister Leppanen. Sorry my mission has been so boring – 1 city for 6 months. But I really do love Warszawa. I told President he could keep me here if he wants to. I love the members and there’s lots of work to do. But I’m sure I will love wherever else I’ll serve. We’re in Alma right now as a mission reading the Book of Mormon and I love it. Alma is my favorite book. So many great story’s and powerful doctrine. And now I’m loving all the amazing missionaries in Alma. Recently I’ve loved Alma 7:15 which counsels us to “fear not, and lay aside every sin, which easily doth beset you”. That’s something I’m still working on and something I’m inviting everyone to do. Fear not, live as the Savior has shown you. That is the way to happiness. What amazing faith it takes for us to actually do this. It truly is a miracle, every change we are able to make to live as God has directed. I love it.

I sent some fun pictures. There’s Sister Leppanen and Sister LeFevre on transfer day. There’s the wedding a couple weeks ago. Me and all the books I used during study… ridiculous. Stare Miasto, or old town from last P-day when we climbed to the top of a tower to look over it. Me with a cowboy store because I am a cowboy at heart, at least I was one at Chaparral. And Me with Ania one of my favorite people here. I give her singing lessons sometimes, really we just have fun singing together. And the last one was taken 15 minutes ago so you can see what I look like today! Love you. Hope you enjoy.

Siostra Allen

P.S. Could you also send me Gospel Principles in English. I love it! And we often teach from it at church, so it would be nice to study in English first and then Polish. Dzięks.


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