Valentine’s Day

Sister Nielsen with the sister missionaries in Warsaw District
Glad to see she has many opportunities to sing
Birthday Wishes

Cześć wam!

Happy Valentines day! That’s kind of weird to say. I forget about holidays sometimes. We planned to do a bunch of phone calls after P-day tonight to set up meetings with people and then this morning realized that that would probably be a bad idea. We were going to annoy everyone on their dates- chyba nie, maybe not.

How was your week? Pretty good. We had some really great lessons. That’s what you live for as a missionary, the times when you can teach really awesome investigators and the spirit is there and they have good questions and a sincere desire to understand what you are teaching. It’s the best. Men are great to teach, but I like to teach women most. I feel a sisterhood or somethings with them. I love blasting the worldly motto that you are nothing unless you are beautiful or successful- no, not true. Everyone is a child of God and therefore, inherently has worth. The more they pray and read their scriptures, the more they internalize this and it’s amazing to watch.

What else is new here? Hmmm. We had an awesome! Zone Conference on Friday. It’s funny that whenever I have something that is going to be very spiritual in my life, the day or week before is horrible! Thursday started out really well. We had a lesson and then a white board. And then the legs of our whiteboard froze a bit and we couldn’t fold up the board to take it on the tramwej and put it in the office. After fiddling for a little while I was out of patience because it was cold and just dragged the whole white board onto the first tramwej that went by. Unfortunately it didn’t go where I thought it was going and it took us forever to get back to the office. That followed by a flaked meeting and contacting on a street where no one was walking I turned to Sister Leppanen and said, “I hope you realize that Satan wants us to feel really frustrated right now so we loose the Spirit and can’t learn everything we need to at Zone Conference tomorrow.” And then everything made sense, we laughed a little bit at how comically wrong our day had gone and were ready for the spiritual outpouring of the next day. I know our leaders are inspired. Every single portion of the conference answered questions I had had or clarified things that I have been wanting to work on. So it was great!

I went to a wedding on Saturday. Two members from first branch are now married! In Poland, you basically get married in the Catholic church or the court house. There are very few other churches that are allowed to legally perform the marriage, also very few churches that are even recognized as churches. So this was a civil wedding and they’re going to the temple, I think next month. It was fun, and kind of cool to say I’ve been to a Polish wedding, but temple sealings are so much more amazing.
Speaking of weddings. I heard one of my roommates is going to be having one of her own! I wrote you a letter today, but I still just want to say CONGRATULATIONS LANDEN!

I think I just finally processed the fact that I’m not coming home for a while. That this isn’t just another semester abroad. That this is where I am, and this is what I’m doing until further notice. And you know what, it’s hard, but I love it. And I’m learning so many amazing things about Poland, and the world, and the gospel, and people, and myself.

We have the fullness of the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ. He is the way back to the Father. That is the Plan of Salvation in a nut-shell. It’s simple and completely possible. I know this to be true.

Have a great week.

Sister Allen

P.S. Could I ask a favor. You can’t get CTR rings here besides the really cheap kinds and there is a really awesome new convert I’m working with named Alex. She is sooo amazing and I know she would appreciate a real one. It can be CTR or WS the polish version. But just in the next package that would be really cool. You can take it out of my account if you want.


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